7 Questions for CA

Its been close to a month since I have started living in San Francisco and my routine is starting to form. Everything isn’t as overwhelmingly new, bold, or stimulating. I am starting to get used to people, the culture and the lifestyle here. That being said, there are still a few questions for California that I would like answered.

     1. Do you even know how to Weather?


Number one rule: dress in layers. Because the days starts off in the 50’s with a nice cold fog covering everything, but by 10am its warmed to 65-70 degrees. That’s also not taking into consideration how hot you will get from walking everywhere, because it usually leaves you in a sweat. AND IF YOU LEAVE THE CITY, forget about it. You will be facing the normal hot temperatures everyone else deals with in the summer. Bottom line: bring a jacket.

    2. How are mountains still this amazing?


I grew up on what is known as the definition of a sandbar. (yes it is the best place in the entire world to have grown up in) but everything was flat. Hills were never a problem, let alone mountains. And yet the three places I have lived in following Long Island, have all been some of the top hilliest, mountainous, and ridge-prone places in the world. In terms of having the steepest street a car can drive on; they take 1st 2nd and 3rd place. Although I’ve become more accustomed to their presence, the view from the top still astounds me. There is something brilliant of being able to fully appreciate how far you have come. To be able to look back and see the world from such a tall place and make the rest of it feel so small. Flat land and beaches feel like home to me, but mountains draw out my want to explore the world and adventure.

     3.Why do people even go to the gym?


The consequence of having so many hills, stairs, and mountains in San Francisco is the need to not have to go to the gym, SO WHY ARE THEIR STILL SO MANY EVERYWHERE. There are over 50 stairs that I have to climb just to get to the front door of my house, add to that the fact that I have walk up and down a few more hills in my 20 minute walk to work, and I feel like I have an excuse to not have to enter the gym for that day.

     4.Is Pride your biggest holiday?


I knew that pride was a big thing in San Francisco, but i didn’t know it was 4 hour long Macy day parade big. I have been to pride in 2 other cities before, and it as fun and awesome and I was all for it. But pride in San Francisco was on a n entirely different level. It was also two days long, the entire city really came together and embraced everything about pride.

     5.Whats the deal with the black sand?


My first week in San Francisco was during a heat wave, and apparently that is the best (and only) time people go to the beach.  Although I grew up with the Atlantic I have been to the Pacific ocean a few times and prepared for its cold bite and rocky waves. What I wasn’t prepared for was the amount of black sand that greeting me as you first stepped near the beach. It was so dark and expansive that I at first thought it was some sort of volcanic stone. When I took a picture of the beach it came out looking like dirt. What was weird was that it covered the entire entrance to the beach but after a few hundred feet it turned back into white sand again. It burnt my feet, and was dyed my feet blackish purple for a while. As we were leaving I remember have small patches of black sand back home,  left over from bonfires in the sand. But you would have to have hundreds of fires and only in the same area every time in order for the sand to turn that black.

     6.How are fireworks even legal?


I was a teenager once, so yes I’ve used poppers and sparklers, and even set off a few illegal fireworks. But what I saw at 8pm on the Fourth of July in a small town an hour outside of San Francisco was pure madness. In a full parking lot outside a department store we pulled up a small ways away from a fireworks stand. The reason we knew there was a fireworks stand there? Because people were coming by the dozen to this parking lot, buying what was left from this stand and setting them off 20 feet away. I’m amazed we were able to park with all the smoke, fire, people and cars moving. That being said, once we bought our fireworks we went to find a more secluded blacktop at a nearby elementary school and set our off their.

     7.Are you sure we are still in the U.S.?


Like I mentioned in the beginning of this post, California is becoming less intimidating and a little homier each day. But that being said, every once in a while I will see something, be talking to someone, or experience something so different from what I expected, my first thought is that I can’t possibly be in the U.S. anymore. But sure enough we are. And its pretty amazing that I live in such a big country that I can hop on a plane for 6 hours land hundreds of miles away and still be in it.


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