A Cleveland Tourist


Thankfully, over the Labor Day weekend I was able to escape the 102 degree San Francisco Haze for the much more reasonable 65 degree Cleveland air. I went to the airport in shorts and a tank top but had to change into warmer clothes before arriving at the gray clouded Ohio airport to meet up with my best friend.


The three day weekend was well needed and full of unexpected surprises. Mikey and I took full advantage of my tourist understanding of Cleveland and started off the day at the West Market. I love markets of all shapes and sizes. Indoors, outdoors, off of trucks, or in stalls. Every city seems to have their own take on markets and you can find not only tourists but many locals their as well. The West market was full with mostly cheese, meats, and a few specialized polish/Irish foods. We wandered around, got some lunch and I bought some well needed vanilla tea and then we were off again to another part of the city.


Our next stop is the largest tourist trap in all of Cleveland. The Rock and Roll hall of fame. I loved seeing it in the rain with the changing colored glass, but at first glance the exterior of the museum seemed a little too tame for what was supposed to be home of Rock and Roll. My opinion changed as soon as I stepped into the ‘lobby’ and experienced the chaotic dance party-esc feel of the glass pyramid.


The museum itself was one giant check off of my bucket list. It was great to see and walk-through, and I suggest it to everyone (no matter how touristy it is). But the best part of the entire tour was when I Mikey and I saw John Mellencamp at the John Mellencamp exhibit. We were standing there, reading about Mellencamps life, when we looked up there was this casual stranger standing next to us looking at the same exhibit. We thought it was too ironic, looking a young picture of Mellencamp while this older lookalike stood next to us. It was like a glitch in the matrix. About 4 minutes later everyone was surrounding him starting to take photos, a crowd started to form and we realized he really was john Mellencamp, he came to see his exhibit, but he was acting so casual, like a regular tourist that I didn’t want to bother him or follow him throughout the museum. Turn out we should of because about an hour later he gave an impromptu concert at the exterior stage of the Rock Hall. It was pretty amazing.


On Sunday Mikey and I also went to our first Oktoberfest just outside of Cleveland. There was great beer, great food, and a lot of great activities that kept us there for hours. The number one highlight: Weiner dog races.


Everywhere you looked people had their wiener dogs with them, and owners could sign their dogs up for a light hearted Weiner dog race where the winner is pronounced the ‘Weiner of the day.’ The dogs run about 15 feet from one owner to the other, and it was so adorable that Mikey and I stayed and watched for longer than we needed to. The owners were the funniest part, trying to do everything they could to get their dogs to come to them. It was an overall fantastic way to spend the day.


Cleveland is a fantastic city with a lot of character and I was so excited to stop by and visit Mikey there. I love adventuring with my best friend, wandering around in new places and seeing and learning new things.



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