One doesn’t have to be the loneliest number

Moving away from home and living in a new city is a hard and scary task. I am immensely lucky to have so many good friends in San Francisco, from CMU alumni, to my awesome coworkers, and even a few friends from high school live not too far away. But even so, there are a lot of times when I am by myself and have to find a way to be courageous enough to still go out and have fun on my own.


This happened a few times in the past week. On Thursday I went to the Academy of Science for their nightlife, health and wellness event. I heard about it from one of my yoga instructors, and decided I would give it a try.


I walked in and was overwhelmed by the science center, (mostly because I have never been their and didn’t know where to go). Because it was a special 21+ event that happens every Thursday, the museum didn’t function like it normally would during the day. Their were bars set up everywhere and signs posted telling you the schedule, but I could not seem to find a map anywhere.



Most of the exhibits were open, and what you would normally have to fight over with a little kid, you could not use freely with other young adults. It was fantastic. But the best part of the night was the yoga class itself, they had three places that you could do yoga. On the living roof during sunset, in the coral reef exhibit, or in a large speaker filled room between the rain forest and planetarium. They packed people into each room, and I ended up getting pretty cozy between a few people and a couple of potted plants.


I love doing yoga, and it was such a fun experience to go to events like this. It was nice to meet new people and do yoga in weird places. But whether it was exhausting week I had before, the lack of dinner in my stomach, or the fact that I was by myself at the museum, I felt exhausted afterwards. I walked around and saw a few more exhibits, but by 8:45 I was ready to go home and fall into my bed.


I highly recommend the nightlife event at the academy of science to everyone. And hopefully you will find me back their in November when the health and wellness event comes around again.



Over the weekend, after I was well rested, I headed out for another adventure on my own. I took the Cal-train for the first time down to mountain view, and after 3 hours of traveling due to Saturday construction, I finally made it to a Game Kastle and met with a group of people from and learned how to play a few different RPG games.



I have been itching to play board games again, and to just have more friends to play with in general. And even though the travel was long, I stayed for some 7 hours learning new games and meeting a lot of nice new people. I even ended the day buying my own dice, because its cheaper than buying a 50$ manual book with all the rules. (one step at a time). I plan on finding a group closer to where I live to have a weekly game night with, instead of heading all the way to google headquarters each week.


Whether I was worn out right away, or excited enough to stay for more than half the day, I’m glad I’m adventurous enough to go out and explore things and start to meet new people.



2 thoughts on “One doesn’t have to be the loneliest number

  1. I am so happy you are brave enough to do things on your own . The best way to meet people . Are you going to keep up with Yoga? Keep posting then it helps and makes it seem like your not so far away love you


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