SF Visits


I love when friends and family come through San Francisco and I am able to grab dinner with them and catch up on life. The past two weeks have been a lot of that, and I am very happy about it. Two Fridays ago I met up with my Uncle for a nice dinner near the bay. We caught up, talked about everyone in the family (which takes hours because there is so many of us) and had a nice time just talking about life before he headed to the airport.


Three hours later I was at the airport myself to pick up Mikey. He was only in San Francisco for about 36 hours so I made sure to fill it up with as many activities as possible. Saturday morning was very foggy, and San Francisco was finally starting to feel like fall, so after having breakfast at a local eatery we headed off to the Walt Disney Family Museum to learn about the beginnings of hand-drawn animation.






The museum was fantastic, it had beautiful exhibits and interactive games. It normally takes around 1.5 hours to walk through, it took Mikey and I 3 hours. It inspired and amazed me, and I learned so much about the history of Walt Disney’s life.




Afterwards, just a hop skip and a jump down the street was Lucas Films. Although they don’t give tours of the building, they do have an amazing Yoda fountain outside that Mikey was very happy to be surprised with for a few minutes.



There were a few other buildings on the Presidio campus all having to do with animation of films that Mikey and I saw as we walked pass. Everything from ‘Industrial light and Magic’ to ‘digital arts’. We walked through the campus and at the end of it was the Palace of Fine arts.




The Palace of Fine Arts is massive and truly feels like you have entered another world. It could be anywhere, china, Greece, some far off land with this ancient monument that has been protected and lasted throughout time. Instead it was built just over 100 years ago in 1915 for a world expo and is located just 30 minutes walking from the Golden Gate Bridge.



Mikey and I also made our way down to the marina on a beautifully foggy day where a lot of wind surfers were enjoying themselves in the bay. We got the chance to listen to the ‘Wave Organ’ which uses pipes to enhance the sounds of the bay and is a permanent installation by the Exploratorium: the Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception


At the end of all of this is was only 4pm and we caught a lyft back to my apartment for a night filled with fun Halloween food, games, and friends. Overall when I first planned the weekend, everything looked a lot closer and pretty easy to walk to, it turns out that we ended up walking a little over 5 miles and were pretty worn out by the end of the weekend.

SF Map

This past weekend i met up for some nice brunch and day drinking with friends from college. I also apparently just missed my good friend and old roommate who was finishing up a tour with a band in San Francisco. (we will get together next time). Either way I love living in a city that has a lot of friends passing through that I can meet up with and take with me on adventures.  Let me know if you’re ever in the bay area and I’ll try not to accidentally schedule a 5-mile hike with you (unless that’s what you want).



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