Living in SF


Searching for an apartment is stressful no matter where you are in the world. San Francisco is definitely not an acceptation.


Throughout July and August my roommate and I have gone to 18 different apartments all over San Francisco trying to find a home. One good thing that came out of this was forcing me to travel around the city more and see new neighborhoods I haven’t been to yet.



We saw many different types of living arrangements, from apartments, full-houses, in-laws, condos, even a commercial space that was being turned into a bedroom. It was a unique experience for me and I actually really liked seeing the different types of design, layout and structure each building had.


San Francisco is definitely a city, and most of the living arrangements are apartment style, but it’s usually 2 or 3 apartments in one house, instead of the 20-50 apartments in a huge high-rise like New York.


We finally found an apartment that we could make ours, and the first thing we did was measure it and make a plan. (My architect is showing).



Once we found our perfect little two bedroom apartment, we spent days in a cardboard covered, wifi-less, junk pile that we called home. (We even had our own painting station).



Its interesting to look around the apartment and point at furniture that we got for free from family and coworkers, picked up off the side of the road, or paid for for $14 at a garage sale.

IMG_0206IMG_0207IMG_0209Everyday we add more to the apartment and make it feel more homey and cozy, more livable and unique to us. We still have a long way to go, but we are proud to finally start feeling like adults with a space of our own.